Captain Electric: From Mascot to Massacre
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Captain Electric: From Mascot to Massacre

The Mocumentary Video Project 2004

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2006 Update!

The original Captain Electric video is now available at YouTube. You can either check it out there, or go to the archives section of this site.

2004 - News & Project Timeline



Images are finally available from the 2004 ACAD Grad Exhibition. Click here for a slideshow look at images from the show (you must have javascript enabled to view this).

Two wonderful people have sent me cover art for Captain Electric. Here is the great art I've recieved from fellow ACAD students, Sarah Hilliard and Wayne Leung. Wayne also has his own publishing project, Dim Sum Productions, where you can find some of my latest art. If you are insterested in sending me any Captain Electric related art please don't hesitate to contact me.


The Captain Electric video is temporarily unavailable due to bandwidth problems. The video has been eating up too much bandwidth (over a gig a day), so the link has been disabled while I look for third party hosting. If there is anyone out there who can suggest a site that can host my video, please give me a shout. I would be most grateful.

The Captain Electric project has currently been put on hiatus because after working on it almost exclusively for three solid months I definitely need a break. The Captain will be back in action this fall.

Week of May 3 - 9

Version 1 of Captain Electric is Finished!

That's right folks! Last week was dedicated to completing the first five minute version of the Captain Electric video. It's finally done to my satisfaction, and it rocks! This version focuses mainly on the story of the ring, actually being the last part of the final video. A Realplayer version is currently available on this site. I'm trying to make a Quicktime version as well, but I'm still having trouble encoding one that doesn't look like crap.

May 9th - I plan to be at the Calgary Comic and Toy Expo at McMahon Stadium.

I've also added a new archive section to this site. I'll put up the video and old news there. In the meantime, there's plenty of new images up.

Last week I received an opportunity to get a proper screening during the grad show, and had to finish the thing about a week ahead of schedule. I nearly killed myself getting it done, staying up for nearly two days solid without sleep. I'll post the screening date here when I find out. I was so intent on getting the video ready on time, that I forgot to ask when it was.

The video will also be running during the grad show on a TV. Stuff used in the video, like the ring and helmet and stuff, will be on display alongside it. I'll let you all know where it'll be located in the school, once again, whenever I find out. I set up this week, so I'll know for sure by then.

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