Captain Electric: From Mascot to Massacre
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Captain Electric: From Mascot to Massacre

The Mocumentary Video Project 2004

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Related News March 2004

Week of March 22 - 28

Live interviews will be taped at the comic store Words and Pictures in the lower level of Mac Hall, UofC Calgary

Come down to the comic store and bullshit a while! I plan to be in there filming all afternoon Tuesday March 23. I'll be asking comic fans what they remember about Captain Electric. The bio on the info page should give something to go on.

I've also made a set of Captain Electric buttons, which I'll be giving out during the interview session as well as to anyone who contributes to the CE project.

Week of March 15 - 21

Here's the initial inks for a CE T-shirt design featuring Captain Electric and his sidekick Battery Boy. I'm not sure if the Captain is running or boogying, but I know one thing, Battery Boy runs like a girl. Be thankful I left out some of the details I penciled in earlier, like BB's bad teen moustache and his pair of jumper cables, as well as the Captain's extension cord coming out of who-knows where. It was all becoming a little disturbing.

This past week, the Hugh Defnel interviews were filmed. Defnel, the CE writer from the 1980s, was played by Brendan, who while ad-libbing, invented a Captain Electric pay-per-view movie featuring Battery Boy as a dance club DJ. Awesome! I'll have to add some of the out-takes to the end credits because they're just hillarious!

I've now found a couple interested animators, and will be working out the details for the CE electrical safety film. It's looking promising so far.

Week of March 8 - 14

The audio recording for the narration was a complete success! Special thanks goes out to Jay Random, who blew away the studio techs with his professionalism and unsung talent. Here's a short sample of some electrified studio magic.

Animators and Comic Artists are Still Needed

Storyboarding and character designs are ready for the Captain Electric animation. If anyone feels they can put together 30 seconds worth of animation within a month, please contact me. See more below.

Week of March 1 - 7

  • Audio recording of narration for video
  • Action figure designs
  • Continued work on comic book covers
  • Call for animators and comic artists

Call for animators:

I still need to find an animator for a 1950s style electrical safety animation featuring Captain Electric. Approximately 30 seconds of animation are needed at a fairly low frame-rate (1950s advertising quality). It will also need to look somewhat aged. If anyone is interested please contact Sarah Huntrods. More information, including basic character designs and a script, will be given upon request, though those involved are always free to make their own suggestions. My current deadline for this component of the project is April 15, though it is probably flexible and all such details will be worked out during the initial consulations.

Call for Comic artists:

Though I am constantly working on images related to Captain Electric, I am looking for another artist to help create a number of parody comic book covers featuring the character. A series of covers, featuring two distinct art styles is needed as visual material for the video. I am currently working on one half of these, and am looking for someone else to work on the other half in their own style. I am looking for someone who can draw in a fairly straightforward traditional superhero comic style. The subject matter of these covers is up to them, the only criteria being that they must feature Captain Electric. I am only looking for the illustrations and will add any additional graphics such as titles afterwards. Please contact me if you are interested in submitting any images or collaborating on the project with me.

Other News:

The audio for the narration will be recorded and edited this week. I would like to thank Tom, my friend, narrator, and a great writer, for his help editing the script.

Captain Electric and related characters are Copyright Sarah Huntrods 2001/2004