Captain Electric: From Mascot to Massacre
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Captain Electric: From Mascot to Massacre

The Mocumentary Video Project 2004

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Related News April 2004

Not much news from this month because I was too busy to write it. This month was almost entirely spent getting the first five minute version of the Captain Electric video finished.

Week of April 26 - May 2

This week I've rebuilt one of my computers so I could install my new video editing software, and now I'm ready to roll. I'll be cleaning up last week's shoddy effort in preparation for the grad show.

Week of April 19 - 25

Well, it's Crit week, and I'm bloody exhausted. I've rendered a passable five minute version, but it still needs work. Oh well, it'll have to do for now. I'll re-edit it next week in preparation for the Grad show.

Week of April 12 - 18

This week is dedicated entirely to finishing a five minute version of the Captain Electric video. Crits are next week, so it's time to really focus on getting something presentable together. Due to time constraints, I decided to complete a finished five minute version of the video, rather than a shoddy 15 minute version. This five minute version will focus on the story of the ring, and the Hugh Defnel interviews on his experiences with the Comic Code in the 1980s. I have some necessary last minute footage to film to make this version work, and will probably be editing at the last minute. Ah well, that's how it goes.

Week of April 5 - 11

Voice acting for the CE electrical safety film were recorded last week, despite having a cold my voice actor gave a great performance. Unfortunately, he passed it on to me, so it's going to be an uneventful week while I recover. Some good news, my regular email seems to be working again. That's all for now.

Week of March 29 - April 4

Important notice: if people are e-mailing me and I'm not getting back to them, it means I'm not getting your mail. I've gotten nothing in my in-box for the past few days, not even spam, which seems impossible to me. I'm not sure if anything I'm sending out is getting through either. I've set up an alternate address at so if anyone is trying to get a hold of me, try me there.

The comic store interview session was a great success. I would like to thank Rob, Richard, John, Dan, Vance and Hasaan for participating. The session was so much fun I may do another. I'm going to see about arranging an appearance at the Calgary Comic Con this May.

Speaking of interviews, I'm currently looking for someone to play 1980s CE artist, Ben Gerrard. The Ben interviews are a recent addition to the script. It adds a necessary counter-point to the Hugh Defnel interviews. Ben is very serious about Captain Electric while not.

Also, voice acting will be recorded for the Captain Electric animation this week. Animator Lindsey Keess is on board for the project and it looks like that end of the project is finally starting to come together.

Captain Electric and related characters are Copyright Sarah Huntrods 2001/2004